The plan kicks into action -- and is dead as soon as we implement it.

Unfortunately, we don't find ANY pretty girls at the car show. Not walking around, anyway. The only pretty girls there are the models.

Amazingly, when we walk into one of the display buildings, there's a model there that just lights up. Here's a picture of Dean's back and the model I'm talking about. Dean and I are used to being prettty much ignored by women, so this is a new experience.

She seems friendly, so I tell Dean to run over and pose next to her. I've got the camera aimed, the model has figured out what I'm trying to do, and she's still smiling. In a snap, Jonathan and I have a new plan. Forget the girls walking around. Pose with the models.

Dean chokes and walks away. Dean was never really let in on the plan, so we can't blame him. But the plan was WORKING!