Back in Santiago Chile. Got a room at the Hotel Minorca in Providencia

Dean Ballesteros met up with me a few days after I arrived, so Jonathan and I cooked up a plan. We wanted Dean to have a good time. Well, I wanted Dean to have a good time. I wanted someone other than me to enjoy travelling internationally.

The plan was to go to a car show. We'd run into pretty girls at the car show. There's always groups of girls walking around at a car show, right? We'd play the part of American tourists and ask if we could pose with the pretty Chilean girls. Jonathan would get to talk with the girls, Dean would get to pose with the girls, and my gray hair and fatherly looks would allay all their suspicions. It was, in retrospect, the kind of plan any 15-year old boy would be proud of.

Ahhh, the car show? Well, the only decent car there was this Puegot. Everything else was standard production pablum.