Ahhh, Panama. I'm not suppose to be here.

Well, yes, I transferred through Panama, but I kind of missed the whole time zone thing and showed up one hour late at my connecting flight. So I had to change everything over to the next day. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I trusted the skycap to get me a cab. I knew I was in trouble when I saw money change hands. The cabbie whips out a hotel flyer and asks if that will be okay. I look around and don't see any airport hotels, so I go with the cab driver's recommendation. I know I'm in for a good shake down at the hotel. I figure it will be the price for my stupidity.

The shake down I was expecting never happened. The cab was metered and it was $27.40 for a half-hour ride into town. The Hotel Montreal is a small hotel about five blocks from the beach. The room is only $27.00. Less than the cab ride.

This is one of my mandatory roof-of-the-hotel pictures.