In the airport leaving Chile. Starbuck's. Closed, of course, because I always fly at bizarre hours.

American food in Chile seems as popular as Mexican food is in America.

Overall, there isn't that much difference between American food and Chilean food. You get bread and butter (not tortillas!) with your meals. Meals are mostly some kind of meat with a vegetable side. There's a couple different "throw everything in the pot together" dishes, but we have those in the US too. The food seems to have a lot of German, Italian, and Spanish influence. In other words, European.

I saw one Mexican restaraunt the whole time I was in Chile. Nobody was going there and all the surrounding places were packed.

Food surprises: Restaraunts have olive oil on the table (use it instead of salad dressing). If you order popcorn at the movies, you might get asked for "sweet or salty". That really threw me. I was expecting to be asked if I wanted butter.