Remember the wall Paco was beating on? Here's the other side of that wall. This room is the ATC room at the top of the tower. At the top of the stairs, turn left and you're in the control tower. Keep going straight through the door and you're outside on a catwalk. Know where you are? Great.

Three of the corners of the ATC room have conduits going up to the roof. Someone decided they wanted that fourth corner to have a conduit too. Beats me why. So they beat a hole through this wall, carved out a channel in the wall, and stopped thinking.

I got to see the hole and channel filled with armored flexible conduit and all nicely covered over with mortar. I also got to see that same armored conduit laying right across the stairway you see here. The conduit laying on the stairs didn't have enough extra length to be dug in to the walls. When I left, it was a trip hazard that was clamped to the floor.

I'm sure there's a plan here, but I never figured it out!