Okay, so here's where they decided to put the met tower. Suddenly it isn't in the middle of the field. It's right next to the parking ramp. Why? Vandalism. When the airport manager saw us out in the field, he realized he couldn't SEE us out in the field. Which means all the batteries and solar panels would be stolen if we put stuff out there. So we were told to put it right next to the helicopter landing pad.

From what I've read, if you can get 100 feet away from a medium-weight helicopter, you'll be okay for wind measurements. And we were 120 feet away at that point.

It's funny, but the tower siting documents have all kinds of measurements, but they end it all by saying if for some reason you can't put it where the measurements say you should, do the best you can. So... This is the best we could. I mean, we could have put it in the best theoretical spot, but then there'd be nothing left of it by the end of the year.