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The "Viewer" program started out as a simple image preview program. It evolved into a basic slideshow program. 

I wanted a simple program that would display all the images in a folder, but I wanted that program to stay where I put it on the screen and not change it's size. Honestly, the "Microsoft Image and Fax Viewer" came pretty close to doing that, but it didn't understand automatic EXIF rotation -- I only wanted to view the rotated picture, not modify the file! I ended up writing my own image viewer.

Because I wanted the ability to have a true full-screen display (for slideshows), I had to forgo the borders and menus windows normally have. That made resizing and whatnot awkward, so I built in lots of keyboard shortcuts to allow you to do what you need. Just press ? or F1 when the program is running to get a list of the keyboard shortcuts.

  • You can navigate through your pictures with tab, spacebar, keyboard arrows, page up/dn, and mouse left/right. 
  • You can relocate/move the display (when it isn't fullscreen) with numeric (numlocked) keypad 8,4,6,2. 
  • You can move the display to preset corners of the screen with numeric (numlocked) keypad 7,9,1,3. 
  • You can increase and decrease the display size with + and -. 
  • You can toggle between fullscreen and normal with F, F11, or Enter. 
  • You can toggle the file name display with T or N. 
  • You can set auto-advance timing with keyboard numbers 0-9 (0 disables auto-advance, other numbers specify delay).
  • You can alternate between EXIF rotation modes none, normal, and reverse with E or R.
  • You can quit the program with C, X, Z, Q, or F4. 

To get a copy of the Viewer program, click the "Download Now!" icon at the top of this page. If you have Windows 95 or 98, you'll need to install the VB5 runtime modules. If you want to display additional image types or want automatic EXIF image rotation, you'll need to have the "GFLAx" component from installed on your system.

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