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This version of the SlideShow program was written to do one thing: Automatically and sequentially display all JPG files in a directory. And play any WAV files that happen to have the same name as the JPG files. Okay, that's two things. Well, it can also play a single WAV file if you prefer one big file instead of separate small ones. But nothing else. Well, you can adjust the time each picture is displayed on screen. But that's really the last item! And ... It can display files in the same directory or in a parallel directory. Okay, really, that's all. But the most amazing thing is that it does these most-requested slide show tasks with no configuration files or setups. It is ideally suited for distribution on a CDROM to act as a free slideshow viewer.   It comes complete with source code, and a small ReadMe file discusses all the other details you need to know.

The quick start is to simply dump some JPG files in with the slide show program and run it. When you decide you're ready to add sound, put the pictues and program in separate directories, or change the picture timing, just read the ReadMe file!

To download the program and source code, click the "Download Now!" icon near the top-right of this page.

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