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Read and Write INI Files From DOS
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Ini, SetIni, and GetIni are DOS command-line programs that can read and write to Windows-INI-style files.

Why did I write them? I got tired of seeing a parade of error messages on my old Windows 3.1 laptop every time a Windows driver failed to load or a printer failed to respond. With these little utilities, I could now make sure Windows was configured to match. SetIni sets values into INI files. GetIni retrieves values from INI files. SetIni and GetIni are both pure DOS programs meant to be run before Windows starts. Ini, on the other hand, accesses the Windows API, so is meant to be run after Windows is running. Ini can set and retrieve values. If you have a choice, use the Ini program.

Clicking one of the icons by the "Download Now!" above will get you source code, the program of your choice, and a miserable explanation of how to use it.

Other free INI file editors (if you don't like mine!):
Get "ini.exe" from "" here or here

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