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If you've ever had a communications program crash on you and leave your COM port or modem locked up so you can't use it or even access it, then you know why I wrote CommTool. 

When I first started programming for communications under the Windows 3.1 API (Which still works fine under Windows XP, thankyouverymuch!), I locked things up (and had to reboot) every hour. I had to stop and write CommTool so I could work without rebooting. 

CommTool tells you which ports are available, open, or gone, and it lets you look at exactly how the open ports have been set up (in DETAIL). It can even modify the settings on (or close) a port while another application is using the port! It gives you incredible power over your serial ports. It does virtually everything I could think of that the Windows 3.1 API would let it do. Needs VBRUN300.DLL

Click here to see a demo of how CommTool can change the speed of the old Windows Terminal program up to 115,200 baud.

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