A pack of stray dogs playing on the beach.

We went past them to check out the shallow caves you can see here. When it was time to leave, we walked past the dogs and back up the cliffs. I ran back because I wanted to try skipping a rock. The dogs (like all Chilean dogs I met) were well-behaved in that they ignored me running toward them. But they were curious.

When I threw the first rock, several of them really perked up. They clearly understood about chasing things that people throw. They'd tense up when I coiled for the throw, then turn and get ready to chase what I threw. But then they'd see it was just a rock and they'd look at me. They didn't know about skipping rocks. And the water was pretty darned cold and the dogs knew it.

I gave it up after three rocks so as not to confuse the dogs. And so they wouldn't laugh at me for not getting more than two skips.