Back at work in the DGAC airport warehouse. These are the remote display units for the Caņal Bajo system.

The "9999" is "MOR" or "meteorological optical range". It's pretty much (but not exactly) how far you can see in meters. The rules say you don't go above 9999.

The "NCD" is the ceilometer (cloud height) display. NCD means "No Clouds Detected". The exact abbreviations are all set by international standards.

The 21/06/36 display is for temperature, dew point, and relative humidity.

The 969/964/55 display is for QNH, QFE, and transition level. If you're a pilot, you know. If not, it's pretty much a barometer display (air pressure).

The two front displays are for wind speed and direction. There are wind sensors at both ends of the runway so tower controllers can tell pilots what the wind will be like at the exact point where the airplane will be touching down.