A little fuzzy -- okay, a lot fuzzy. Shot with the phone camera in low light.

There was a street cat that spent most nights on the doormat to the hotel. There was a Coke machine outside, and I noticed someone was keeping a water dish behind it. I followed the cat one day and saw it walk around the building to some shops, through a locked gate, to a plastic crate with a blanket in it. This was nobody's pet cat, but it was still cared for.

Two blocks away, at my favorite ice cream shop Sebastian's, there was also a bakery and a restaraunt. All three places had sidewalk tables. There was a little orange and white kitten that would walk around the tables looking for a handout. If you let it, it would jump up in your lap and purr the whole time you were eating.

I saw several other businesses that had stray dogs or cats that hung around. People just walked around or stepped over the animals. Personally, I've always thought an animal that stays at a place like that is a kind of endorsement.