This is a quick shot with the camera phone of a spiral shopping mall. There's a chandelier here that got overexposed a bit so I could get more of the mall. These spiral malls are incredibly common in Santiago, but I haven't seen them anywhere else.

This mall is called "Dos Caracoles" (Two Snails) and is one of the oldest in Santiago. It's two spiral malls connected together. You walk up one mall, cross over, and walk down the other one. Malls have their own types. Dos Caracoles seemed to specialize in women's clothing.

The individual stores are very small, maybe 12 feet wide by 20 feet deep. A new business person's dream. Several of the shops looked like the one person behind the counter was also the dress maker and designer.

It was not unusual to find nobody in the shop and the door open. The shop owner would be standing outside talking with friends, and soon as you walked in, she'd follow you in.