This is Jonathan's favorite picture. We were working our way out of the car show and came through an area that had no cars. There was a booth set up for what appeared to be a local newspaper. There was virtually nobody there and not much else was going on, so Jonathan decided to get some video of the model who was stuck there.

I get the feeling several of the models at this show don't do this kind of work every day, because, well, they just seemed too friendly and unused to all the attention. Maybe that was the case here, or maybe the poor girl was just bored out of her mind stuck in a quiet corner of the show selling newspapers.

The model asked Jonathan if she could see the video, and I got a shot of the two of them together. The part that is... well, "precious" is the word that seems to fit... is how she's holding the neckline of her dress when the neckline just isn't there. That's why I think she's not used to wearing outfits like this.