Heck, I don't remember the town name. It was a small farm town about 30 miles west of Santiago that was apparently converting itself into a tourist trap. The main street was lined with small shops. I picked up a couple of souvenir wooden tops. Jose liked pottery, and I was following him around, so I took this photo of a pottery store that had hung pretty bells from the ceiling.

Yes, it was dark. We got there when it was light, but that changed. On the way out, Jonathan (Jose's son who was doing the driving) decided he knew a shortcut way to get us to the freeway. Naturally, it involved driving a long way in the wrong direction on a one-way street. No problem, this is a great shortcut. We ended up driving past all the streetlights. No problem, this is a great shortcut. Then we ran out of pavement. No problem, this is a great shortcut. Then we started to run out of road and were on some narrow path that wasn't much more than a path through people's back yards. Yes, it was tail-between-the-legs time and we retraced our path back to civilization. It was a small town, so the whole main street to back yards adventure took ten minutes.